Screenings & Awards

Viva Film Festival, Bosnia and Herzegovina, May 2015 (Grand Prix)
IndieFEST Film Awards, United States, July 2015 (Award of Merit)
Roma Cinema Doc, Italy, August 2015 (Special Mention for Photography)
Wolves Independent International Film Festival, Lithuania, August 2015 (Best Feature)
Awareness Film Festival, United States, September 2015 (Award of Merit of Awareness)
Matsalu International Nature Film Festival, Estonia, September 2015 (Special Prize of the Jury)
Best Shorts Competition, United States, September 2015 (Award of Merit)
Tassie eco Film Fest, Australia, October 2015 (Honorable Mention)
Kolkata International Wildlife & Environment Film Festival, India, October 2015 (Best Direction in Documentary Category)
International Film Festival Documentary, Short & Comedy, Indonesia, November 2015 (International Award of Excellence)
International Peace & Film Festival, United States, November 2015 (Avante-Garde & Enlightenment Awards)
Sondrio International Documentary Film Festival on Parks, Italy, November 2015 (First Prize)
Filmmakers of the Year Film Festival, Indonesia, November 2015 (Platinum Award)
Boston Independent Film Festival, United States, February 2016 (Best Documentary)
ITSA Back to Nature Film Festival, United States, March 2016 (Best of Show Feature)
Canada International Film Festival, Canada, March 2016 (Royal Reel Award)
Filmmakers World Festival, Indonesia, March 2016 (Platinum Award)
Golden Camera, Kirghizistan, March 2016 (Best Documentary)
Terra Festival, France, April 2016 (First Prize)
Honolulu Film Awards, United States, May 2016 (Silver Lei Award)
International Film Festival Ekotopfilm - Envirofilm, Slovakia, May 2016 (Natur-Pack Prize)
International Film Festival for Environment, Health & Culture Team, Indonesia, May 2016 (Award of Merit)
Istanbul International Tourism Film Festival, Turkey, May 2016 (Best Tourism TV & Media Documentary)
Green Montenegro International Film Fest, Montenegro, September 2016 (Special Award for Photography & Production)
China International Conference of Science and Education Producers, China, September 2016 (Nominee Prize)
Zagreb Tourfilm Festival, Croatie, September 2016 (The best TV reportage or TV film - 2nd place)
ART&TUR - International Tourism Film Festival, Portugal, October 2016 (First Prize Environment & Ecology TV/DOC Section)
Documentary & Short International Movie Award, Indonesia, October 2016 (Award of Recognition)
Wildlife Vaasa International Nature Film Festival, Finland, October 2016 (Special Mention)
Meraki International Film Fest, Spain, October 2016 (Best Director of Photography)
International Science Film Festival "World of Knowledge", Russia, November 2016 (Best Camerawork Award)
International Green Culture Festival - GREEN FEST, Serbia, November 2016 (Best Nature Film)
Festival Brasil de Cinema Internacional, Brasil, October 2017 (Our Planet Film Award & Best Director of Photography)

Finalist nominations
International Nature Film Festival Gödöllö, Hungary, May 2015
Green Screen, Germany, September 2015
Africlap, France, September 2015
CinemaFest, Mexico, September 2015
The 12 Months Film Festival, Romania, September 2015
Innsbruck Nature Film Festival, Austria, October 2015 
Independent Film Festival, Switzerland, October 2015
CMS Vatavaran, India, October 2015 
Tinai Eco Film Festival, India, October 2015
Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival, Malaysia, October 2015
Wildlife Conservation Film Festival, United States, October 2015
Kinolit Film Festival, Russia, November 2015
Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam, Netherlands, November 2015
All Lights India International Film Festival, India, November 2015
Festival du Film de Masuku Nature et Environnement, Gabon, December 2015
Festival International du Film maritime, d'Exploration et d'Environnement, France, December 2015
Lisbon International Film Festival, Portugal, December 2015
Kirloskar Vasundhara International Film Festival, India, January 2016
Los Angeles CineFest, United States, January 2016
Atlas Awards, United States, January 2016
Finow International Film & Script Festival, Germany, February 2016
EcoCup - International Green Documentary Film Festival, Russia, February 2016
Festival International du film environnemental de Conakry, Guinea, March 2016
Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital, United States, March 2016
Festival du Film Vert, Switzerland and France, March 2016
Star Doc Film Festival, United States, March 2016
The Cape Town Eco Film Festival, South Africa, April 2016
Movie Park Adventures&Action Film Festival & Script Contest, United States, April 2016
Olomouc International Festival of Science Documentary Film, Czech Republic, April 2016
Ecozine International Film Festival, Spain, May 2016
Iran International Green Film Festival, Iran, May 2016
Environmental Film Festival in Albania, Albania, May 2016
International TV Ecological Festival, Russia, June 2016
Machetanz Film Festival, United States, June 2016
Ischia Film Festival, Italy, June 2016
Big River Film Festival, Unites States, July 2016
Pärnu International Anthropology Film Festival, Estonia, July 2016
Esperanza International Film Festival, Russia, August 2016
Woodpecker International Film Festival, India, September 2016
Alexandria Mediterranean Film Festival, Egypt, September 2016
Festiver - Barichara Green Film Festival, Colombia, September 2016
International Film Festival Ekotopfilm - Envirofilm, Czech Republic, October 2016
ECOFEST - International Festival of Ecology Films, Romania, October 2016
Chagrin Documentary Film Festival, United States, October 2016
International Film Festival for Mountains, Extreme Sports & Adventures, Bulgaria, November 2016
Arusha African Film Festival, Antigua and Barbuda, November 2016
Lakecity film festival, Nigeria, December 2016
Tirana International Documentary Film Festival, Albania, May 2017

Non-competitive Screenings
Festival des Globe-trotters, France, September 2015
Arohanui Film Festival, New Zealand, November 2015
Arcadia Environmental Film Festival, France, November 2015
IndiEarth XChange, India, November 2015
Cinéma Vérité - Iran International Documentary Film Festival, Iran, December 2015
Euro-In Film, Serbia, December 2015
Natural Sciences Museum of Brescia, Italy, January 2016
RVA Environmental Film Festival, United States, February 2016
Angkor Wat International Film Festival, Cambodia, March 2016
Parco della Brughiera Briantea, Italy, April 2016
Di terra e di cielo - Cinema, ambiente, natura, esplorazione, Italy, May 2016
Festival Nature Ain Hauteville-Lompnes, France, May 2016
Addis International Film Fest, Ethiopia, May 2016
Trento Film Festival, Italy, May 2016
Krakow Film Festival, Poland, June 2016
International Environmental Film Festival, Argentina, June 2016
Conviviales Art, Cinéma et Ruralité, France, August 2016
Ciclo de cine documental Espejos y espejismos, Argentina, September 2016
Festival International de Géographie de Saint-Dié, France, September 2016
Climate Chance Nantes, France, September 2016
Life Sciences Film Festival, Czech Republic, October 2016
Science Film Festival Goethe Institut, Burkina Faso, October 2016
Euro-Mediterranean Documentary Market & Pitching Forum, Spain, October 2016
Science Film Festival Goethe Institut, Philippines, November 2016
BergBuchBrig Festival, Switzerland, November 2016
Lola Kenya Screen, Kenya, December 2016
Pokhara International Mountain Film Festival, Nepal, December 2016
Peloponnesos International documentary Festival, Greece, January 2017
Natural Sciences Museum of Brescia, Italy, February 2017
Festival Cinécolo, Haiti, February 2017
Central Michigan International Film Festival, United States, February 2017
Llanberis Adventure & Mountain Film Festival, United Kingdom, March 2017
Festival des Globe-Trotters de Limoges, France, March 2017
Dakar Vert, Senegal, May 2017
Reel Earth Environmental Film Festival, New Zealand, May 2017
Beldocs - International documentary film festival Belgrade, Serbia, May 2017
SEFF – Sisački Ekološki Filmski Festival ENV, Croatia, June 2017
Wasatch Mountain Film Festival, United States, June 2017
GO FUTURE Festival, Belgium, June 2017
Boston GreenFest, United States, August 2017
Festival International du Film Animalier et de l'Environnement, Morocco, October 2017
Cardiff International Film Festival, United Kingdom, October 2017
Semaine Internationale "Regards croisés sur le monde", France, November 2017

Coming Soon
Festival des Globe-Trotters de Morlaix, France, February 2018